Our Mission

We are an organization in Athens that gets involved in our community. The main goal of League of Women Voters of Athens County is to create a sense of community in the neighborhoods where people live and work. We hope that an increased sense of community will lead to more personal involvement and more cultural, educational and social activities, which will create a better community and a better place for us to live. We are an unbiased, issue-oriented organization committed to registering people to vote and to inform voters about candidates and issues.



LWVAC Committees


Voter Services: Dana Carlson, Chair


Nominating: Katherine Jellison, Chair; Lee Gregg; David McCoy; Helen King Dana Carlson.


Membership: Adriane Mohlenkamp, Chair; Alex Buckley, Carol Beale, Lee Gregg.

Program Committee: Mary Costello,Chair; Ellsworth Holden, Tanya Conrath, Debbie Schmieding, Adriane Mohlenkamp.

Web Site Development: David McCoy

Newsletter: Cecelia Weldon and Mary Costello

Membership Booklet: Beverly Flanigan

Publicity Committee: Lynn Graham-Mowery, Beverly Flannigan and David McCoy.