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The Newsletter of the League of Women Voters of Athens County


November 23, 2017




New Members Continue to Join LWVAC:

We are happy to announce that people are continuing to ask about the work of the League of Women Voters and that they are considering joining. We have a number of new members who have joined in recent months. They are:


Kathleen Evans; Leslie Flemming; Meg Little; Marta and Don Roth; Cita Strauss; Joan and David Stroh; Rebecca Trate; Megan Weber; and Marti Dolata.

Welcome to all new Members! Our membership allows our League to be more active in providing
voters with the opportunity to meet candidates; learn about issues and become informed before entering the voting booth.



The program year for LWVAC runs from July 1 through June 30. Thanks to all members who havealready renewed your membership. If you have not yet renewed for the 2017-2018 year, please send acheck payable to LWVAC to:

Treasurer Carol Beale
League of Women Voters of Athens County
P.O. Box 5788
Athens, OH 45701

Membership categories are: Individual membership - $55.00; Household membership - $90.00;
Full-time Student/Low Income membership - $20.00. (If you joined and paid full dues after
January 1, 2017, your membership is good through June 30, 2018.)




A big thank you to the many LWVAC members who volunteered during our very busy election season. LWVAC held nine (9) candidate events and one (1) Issue Forum during the month of October. Thirty (30) League members participated in at least one of those ten (10) voter education events. Five (5) of the events were candidate nights held in various locations around Athens County. These events were our first experiment with a “speed dating” format that has been used by other Ohio Leagues. This format allowed us to include candidates from more than one race in an evening’s event, and proved popular with both candidates and attendees. We learned a lot and will use this format again. In the past, we have not held forums for township trustee candidates, but this year, we decided we needed to do that because so many of those races were contested. The Athens Messenger did not send reporters to the events we held for township trustee candidates because the paper said it did not typically cover those races. However, after discussion with the editor, Tyler Buchanan, he decided to send out questionnaires to all the county’s township trustee candidates, and The Messenger printed their responses. We were impressed by the flexibility and responsiveness of the new editor. The Athens News, under new ownership, can focus only on Athens City races, but editor Terry Smith supported our many candidate events by publishing the list of events each week in the paper. The Athens News also covered all the candidate and issue forums held in Athens City. Democracy requires the support of the
media, and we appreciate the support of both local newspapers, as well as the support of the
government channel, which video-taped the five traditional format forums. In addition to the
government channel we also recognize the WOUB student news program, Newswatch, which
videotaped the Athens Cannabis Ordinance forum.


Fair Districts For Congress Petition Drive Update


We are continuing to collect signatures to get Fair Districts for Congress on next November’s
ballot. Athens County voters have been eager to sign the petition, and we have over 300% of
the number of signatures needed for Athens County to be one of the 44 counties required for
the issue to be put on the ballot. That doesn’t mean we can stop collecting signatures. Since
every signature counts toward the 305,600 signatures needed, we will continue to collect in
Athens County but we are trying to collect signatures from other counties in South East Ohio
as well.

Upcoming is an opportunity to collect signatures in Vinton County at the annual “Christmas in
Downtown” holiday street fair held in McArthur on Saturday, December 2. We are looking for
volunteers for this event. If you are able to volunteer an hour or two on Saturday afternoon,
please contact Adriane Mohlenkamp ( Vinton County is close to having
enough signatures to be one of the 44 required counties, so we are hoping this event will help
reach that goal.


New LWVAC Projects


We have received a pass-through grant from LWVO to partner with a community college for
the purpose of registering students to vote. LWVAC has made a connection with Hocking
College, and will be meeting soon to make plans for carrying out this project. If you are
interested in working on this project please contact Mary Costello (


Student member Becca Trate has applied for another pass-through grant from LWVO entitled
“Women’s Voices: The Next Gen of Women Leaders”. This grant is for the purpose of

exposing high school students to women in public office and encouraging young women
students to begin to think about running for office themselves at some point in their futures.
We have received notice from LWVO that the funds have been granted to our League for this
project. Thank you, Becca Trate, for taking the initiative and writing the grant application!
Any members interested in helping with this project, please contact Mary Costello




November 30-- LWVAC Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m., Hocking Valley Bank Conference Room,
Stimson Ave, Athens.

December 2Fair Districts for Congress petition drive, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., McArthur
“Christmas in Downtown Holiday Festival”