In League


The Newsletter of the League of Women Voters of Athens County


April 22, 2018




Five members of the LWVAC participated in the LWV Ohio Statehouse Day on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, The full day in Columbus informed attending members about current legislative issues, exciting projects being implemented by other local leagues and working in our communities. An update from several LWVO Lobby Corp members told us about both disappointing and promising legislation on: gun control, personal freedom, environmental issues, and women’s health. Copies of the lobbyist testimony and many other resources are available on the updated website.


We heard from several Leagues that have implemented new projects to engage young voters. These included a “Now You’re 18” program delivered in High schools and the Voter Girl Project designed for Girl Scout Troops. We learned about ongoing collaboration between the League and the NAACP, including how to approach partnerships with diverse organizations. The final presentation of the day focused on tools from the Civility Now Project that we can use to promote civility and civil discourse in our communities ( This project has many exciting community tools. One that stuck out at us was a series of informal community discussions about difficult topics (ex. gun control).


In addition to the presentations, two LWVAC members took time to meet with our state

elected officials: Rep. Jay Edwards and Sen. Frank Hoagland.


All the program material from Statehouse Day will soon be available on the LWVO website. (Connection available top of box at left.)